Case Studies



Leverage Social was hired by Viasat and given the task to help save one of their top privately owned call centers from the new google algorithms. They were spending millions on google with a solid cost per acquisition however after the algorithm changed they became unprofitable. 

After 90-days of Leverage Socials’ strategic implementation, we had cut their Cost per acquisition from over $150 down to $50. 



Michael was hired by caliber to hire a train a sales team for Dish network & Frontier internet. 

The market was rough competing with a new google fiber launch. But after assembling a team of 8 salespeople Michael & his team averaged 350 new installs per month. Totaling over 1500 completed installs in just one summer. 


Censored Broadband

Leverage Social was hired by a large ISP to help them scale their sales. (unfortunately we have to sensor this data to not be copied)

In the first month of full implementation of our program, we completed 149 scheduled installs.
The ad spend that month was only $2,258.35 giving us a UNHEARD of Cost per acquisition of only $15.16.

Currently we are gaining over 300 new customers per month using Leverage Social’s programs. We have also maintained a cost per acquisition of under $20.
(Industry average is $200-$300+)