20% Outbound Conversion Rate: The Results are In!

Leads that come from Facebook, Google, Instagram, and TikTok are what we call apathetic buyers.
See how our team managed a 20.53% conversion rate on these not-so-easy sales.

The Situation:

A large WISP in the upper midwest was struggling to convert leads generated from their marketing efforts. struggling to keep up with churn, they turned to Leverage Social to help overcome churn and increase sales.

The Solution:

We began implementing our full sales director program,  Which Includes detailed target lead generation, high-converting low-cost sales teams, and a few other top-secret strategies. 

The sales team was trained on various sales methodologies and techniques to effectively engage leads and close deals. Leverage Social also provided ongoing coaching and support to the sales team to ensure they had the tools and support they needed to succeed.

The Results:

The implementation of Leverage Social’s sales director program led to significant improvements in the client’s sales performance. Outbound leads from Facebook had a 20.46% conversion rate, while outbound leads from Google had a 20.53% conversion rate. These efforts resulted in an increase of $16,524 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and $825,000 in added lifetime value (LTV) for the client.


Leverage Social’s sales director program proved to be a success for this client, helping them to build a high-performing sales team that could effectively convert leads generated from digital marketing efforts.
The implementation of honest and ethical sales strategies, targeted lead generation, and other top-secret items helped this client to increase sales, MRR, & LTV! 

Here’s what most WISPs don’t have:
– A dedicated sales team.
– Any idea what their conversion rates are(outbound)
– Healthy Marketing budget specific for generation leads

That’s where Leverage Social comes in!
This truly is the recipe for scaling! And in our opinion, the only way WISPs will be able to keep up with Fiber, RDOF, BEAD, and the telecom giants.

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