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Case Study – Midwest WISP


This particular client had been experiencing growing pains and was unable to keep up with the increased demand for customer support. (Over 1,800 tower locations and a large subscriber base)
As a result, many customers were frustrated with long wait times and a lack of assistance with service requests, troubleshooting, and account setup.


  • Recruit, train & hire experienced customer support representatives.
  • A comprehensive training program was implemented for the new CSRs to ensure they were fully equipped to handle service requests, troubleshoot potential outages, and assist with account setup.
  • A streamlined process for identifying and resolving outages, which helped reduce the time it took to restore services to customers.
  • We knew for our client to function at full capacity we needed to build this 40-person customer service department.


With the implementation of our solution, our client was able to:

  1. Significantly improve its customer service response times, which led to increased customer satisfaction.
  2. Reduce the number of customer complaints and increase customer retention.
  3. Improve the efficiency of its customer service department, which led to a reduction in the number of CSRs needed to handle the volume of service requests.
  4. Save an estimated $340,000 annually by utilizing our staffing solutions program.


  • Our customized solution helped this client build a cost-effective customer service department that met the growing demands of its customers.
  • The new department was able to handle service requests, troubleshoot possible outages, and assist with account setup effectively.
  • By utilizing our staffing solutions program this WISP was able to save a significant amount of money on staffing costs, which allowed them to reallocate funds to other areas of the business.

    Overall, this case study highlights how by having an effective customer service department, WISP can improve customer satisfaction and in turn decrease operational costs and save more than 50% annually!

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