Small Market Lots of Leads

See how we generated 2,074 Leads, Spent $22,195.14 in advertising dollars, averaged a $10.70 cost per lead, and added $520,800 in LTV.

The Situation:

This particular Colorado WISP was struggling to attract new customers and needed to find a way to increase its visibility and reach in the local market. They turned to Leverage Social for help.

The Solution:

Our marketing program was the perfect fit for this somewhat small WISP.
We developed a series of digital marketing campaigns on both Facebook and Google to
1. Create brand awareness
2. Generate leads. 

The Results:

Over the course of 12 months, Leverage Social generated 2,074 leads, spending a total of $22,195.14 on advertising. The average cost per lead was only $10.70! and the ISP was able to convert a significant portion of these leads into paying customers. In total, we added $520,800 in LTV.


Through our targeted digital marketing campaigns, Leverage Social was able to effectively generate leads, sales, and installs for this Colorado WISP.

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